Rambler Ranch

The museum is made up of several buildings on the Rambler Ranch estate. This private museum may be viewed by car club members by having the president of your club contact Mr. Gale and setting up an appointment for your club to view the cars. There are several buildings to tour through in this lovely rural mountain estate. The Nash building was the first one built and the gigantic AMC Building was completed in 2007. It also contains the new “lounge” which is filled with period furniture. You can easily believe you stepped back in time when using this facility. American Motors, Nash, DeSoto, Dodge, Chrysler, Edsel, Chevrolet, Ford, Renault, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Kaiser, Studebaker, Wolsley Packard, Fiat, Mercedes, BMW, Vauxhall, Lincoln, Mercury, Allstate, Opel, Jeep, Bricklin Funwagon, Citroen, Pontiac, Acura, GMC, Honda and more are represented in the museum. This facility offers a unique opportunity to car fans of all ages. Food Services are available upon request. There is a lounge inside as well as a outdoor area with many tables and chairs. The museum not only contains hundreds of cars but thousands of various types of memorabilia. Visit the Rambler Ranch website for more information at www.ramblerranch.com